Wound Care

Patients with diabetes have increased risk of lower-extremity amputations and the main cause is diabetic peripheral arterial disease accelerated by the direct damage to the nerves and blood vessels by high blood glucose levels. Wound healing is also impaired from affected collagen synthesis. Once tissue damage has occurred in the form of ulceration or gangrene, the aim is preservation of viable tissue. This is undertaken by a team approach, and other advancements in wound care. The mainstay of treatment is as follows but not limited to:

  • Foot offloading and pressure relief
  • circulation and blood flow optimization
  • Blood glucose or sugar control
  • treatment of underlying infection

If you suffer form a nonhealing foot wound, it is crucial that you area evaluated by a podiatrist to decrease the risk and likely hood of limb loss. Contact us today to help you with this difficult process.

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